The Assistix Model

Assistix specialises in software B2B sales.
Employing seasoned B2B Business Development Managers, Assistix can help you quickly get sales.

The team at Assistix have typically been operating in B2B sales from a minimum of twenty years each. Their experience typically includes long stints at companies like IBM, Samsung, Spark, Motorola and Optimation. The team at Assistix are well regarded industry professionals and as such, have extensive networks which means quick access to Blue Chip enterprise businesses and government departments.

The Assistix service includes using telesales professionals to speed up the sales process by finding leads quickly and creating appointments.

Typically businesses that employ Assistix are businesses who have a great product that's ready for the market but do not have the time to train up an internal sales team or whose existing sales team is underperforming.

Partnering with Assistix costs significantly less than employing an in house sales team as the cost of the Assistix employee is shared across 3-4 businesses. The Assistix Business Development Manager then represents all Assistix customers when on a sales call which saves significant time for both the Business Development Manager and the potential customer. Great care is taken by Assistix not to partner with companies whose products compete with each other.

Assistix provides nationwide New Zealand coverage and is expanding to provide coverage across Australia also.