Meet the Crew

Assistix was founded in 2017 by Verdon Kelliher.

Verdon has led sales teams for almost all of his entire career which included successful stints at Telecom New Zealand, Logical Networks, IBM, Optimation and Samsung Electronics. Assistix was formed when Verdon was approached by two companies coincidently on the same day, that had great products but were struggling to get cut through with sales into their target customer base. Verdon's experience and network meant he could easily take both companies products to market while training the companies sales teams.

Amanda Chambers
Assistix Business Development Executive

Amanda's experience covers a wide variety of industries, all of which have been impacted at some stage by the introduction of new technology be it software of hardware. Practical by nature, she is passionate about providing a positive experience for customers during this transitional process. "I believe that we need to work closely and collaboratively with customers to really understand needs & expectations. The most common barrier to the successful use of technology is a lack of confidence, there is no one size fits all solution to training and support, this needs to be flexible and adaptable to each business/individual."